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Mini Tutorial #6 - Fur Trimming

A quick tutorial on the importance of timming the fur on your fursuit head and how to do so.


The fully furred and untrimmed head.

I normally trim the fur as I'm attaching it, but I refrained from doing so on this head, in order to make this tutorial.

I roughly trimmed the fur from between and around the eyes. This is a good starting point because it's important for good vision using this style of eyes.

I first cut off the fur with scissors and then smoothed it out with my clippers. I use human clippers so they take longer to cut and I do not inadvertantly cut off too much at one time.

Now I trimmed the fur around the lips and muzzle.

I go very slowly to make sure I do not cut off too much as then all you can do is cut off the rest of the fur to match. By watching how you trim, you can also subtly change the look and shape of your head to conform better to your vision.

The fur is mostly trimmed and smoothed out by this point. This has taken almost two days.

Do not feel you have to finish quickly, as this is perhaps the most important step towards bringing a head together into what it is supposed to be and defining an expression.

I clean my clipper constantly as I go along and oil them around twice for each fursuit head. Fake fur is really hard on clippers, so be good to them.

The finished product after painting and adding whiskers and a tongue.

I darkened around the eyes, repainted the nose and lips, and added a brown wash to the muzzle, in order to blend the cut and non-cut portions of the face.

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