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December 31st, 2013

Super List of Resources

All Emails/Comments/Notes/PMs to which the answer is contained in here (or to which the appropriate answer is "Go Google it.") will henceforth be cheerfully ignored ^^

My FAQ: http://www.beetlecatoriginals.com/faq

WHERE TO BUY FUR (which is IN the FAQ but lets be clear because I get this A LOT):

www.crscraft.com (international) – Realistic furs. Ignore the short pile and fun fur as it is not good for anything except small accents. I use a lot of their furs in my suits.

www.imstuffedfur.com (international) – High quality random assortment of furs. Pricy but worth it if you need something unusual

www.distinctivefabrics (USA) www.interiormall.com(search for 'promo shag') (Canada) – solid colors of fluffy fur for toonier characters.


I use Createx airbrush paints. My airbrush is a Badger 155 Anthem. My compressor is an IWATA Smart Jet.

No I can not tell you what airbrush/compressor to buy. The above is what I have and it works for me. Createx (transparent or opaque does not matter) has proven to be one of the longest lasting paints, but you can airbrush with any material that you can get to come out the nozzle. In a pinch I'll use basic artist's acrylics.

No you do not NEED an airbrush to paint fursuits. I used a paintbrush and watered down acrylic paints for a long time. An airbrush is extremely useful if you make a lot of costumes, but it is not a requirement.


My own tutorial page

The fursuit LJ community



- I do not know anything about, or even particularly like, anime. I have never even MADE an anime fursuit! I do not go to anime conventions. Red XIII and Amaterasu are not anime - they are video game characters (from Final Fantasy and Ōkami​ respectively). My Targ is from Star Trek.

- I will not make a copyrighted character. Not just because it's illegal but because it would get very boring very fast making the complete cast of Wolf's Rain over and over again.

- A list of conventions I will be going to in 2013:
http://www.califur.com/ (maybe)
https://www.rainfurrest.org/ (not this year)

- A list of conventions that I will NOT be going to:
Assume everything except seen above. I go to FC every year, the rest can vary but rarely venture away from the west coast.

- A complete list of journals/galleries:


- My online store:


I update as I am able but it's a fulltime job so I can only manage a good restocking every couple months or I would never have time to make fursuits :p

*** If all of my commission status updates say that I am 'closed' then I am NOT giving out price quotes, NOT contacting you when I reopen, or putting you 'first on the list for when I open'. You'll just have to be patient as I work on my current commissions ***

Current Commission Status: Closed

Feel free to leave comments/questions, but I will delete the irrelevant/off topic/out-dated to keep this page clean.