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Further Confusion 2010

Since I never seem to get around to actually writing up a play-by-play of conventions anymore, all I'll say now is that FC was everything I have come to expect from it and more. It is hard to believe that it really is over D:

Toby showed in the parade and masquerade (I was *so* close to blowing it off - I was so tired after the parade. I did my best, but fast-walking a quad through the hallways just *killed* me) but I woke up just in time and Toby ended up with a 'Technical Achievement' award which is cool because we got pro photos taken afterwards of all the winners and I love those.

Toby is basically retired at this point. I will be putting him in a box and putting him away. But rest assured my next personal project will continue to be a new pinnacle of achievement for me.

Beetlesuit was in two FNL skits - FurHappen's SNL parody 'Dear Sister' video and Farraptor's live performance Indiana Jones parody. IMO both of them were amazing and I am very happy to been a part of some of the best skits this FNL.

Even though I was so busy that I missed every single panel I was interested in, I hung out with some very awesome people that I am very glad to have had the chance to meet. And I'm also overjoyed that I finally was able to really spend some time with those internet folks who I have been meaning on hanging out with forever. To those who it didn't work out, I'm sad but getting schedules into alignment is harder than moving the stars sometimes ><

Barring some huge catastrophe, I will definitely be back at FC next year!
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