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FC2010 FNL

To elaborate from my earlier post, one of the events I participated in this year was Furry Night Live. It was my first time doing anything really live and with a semi-complicated script (my part was pretty easy truth be told). And it was so much fun - we had a really great group and I was honoured to be part of it!

I played the classic 'damsel-in-distress' which was totally fun because it's such a *classic*. Chicks-in-dresses-running-in-circles-holding-a-gun-gingerly-by-the-fingertips.. ahaha. It's so awesome!

Before this skit I can't remeber the last time I actually wore a dress ><


I was also honoured to be in a *second* skit. A 'Dear Sister' video parody produced by Fur Happens.

We filmed it in one night and my camera work is pretty awful really lol. But Silver edited it up great and it's still hilarious. And I got to dress up Beetle like a *cop*! Oh wow did we have way too much fun that day :D :D

Until silverlinz can upload a direct copy, this'll have to do

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