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Fursuit & Character for Sale

I can considering selling Django the demon-wolf


This has been my husband's personal suit for a while and has been to RF, FC, and Califur but we are looking at buying a house this fall and every bit helps :p

He was made to fit a 5'10, 170lb man snugly so smaller will fit but no larger. His paws will fit a foot up to 10 inches long but new ones could be an option. I would rather not alter the bodysuit any.

Django features my first toony eye design and is about a year old now. I gave him the name because, when I was working on him, I was listening to the Film Sack Podcast episode 'Django' where they kept imitating the theme song over and over and so the name stuck in my head :p You are free to change it or keep it.

At this time I am looking for offers of $3000 and over for this suit & character. You can email me at beetlefursuits@gmail.com if you are interested :)