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Australian Shepherd


More photos here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10459179/

A long while back I bought a large wolf headbase (with teeth, tongue, and attached resin nose) from DreamVision Creations. The rush order I needed it for ended up falling through so I decided to make this. I've been working on it gradually for months in my spare time.

I didn't fuss too much about being super breed specific. Mostly I just wanted to use up the headbase, airbrush some merle (merleing?), and try my hand at a flopped ear. The flopped ear turned out to be rather a lot more difficult than I expected due to the curve of the ear base but I think it still looks rather decent and realistic given all the fluff in the way.

I backtracked a bit after I had already partially furred the head and used antron fleece for the muzzle just to see what would result. I think this is a technique I will be using more in the future when appropriate as the fleece is so easy to apply and no trimming needed!

I used red, white, and grey furs and airbrushed the markings. I didn't really 'plan out' what I was going to be painting so much as I just went at it and then freaked out and cleaned some paint off and let it dry then went at it again then freaked out that I had ruined it when I woke up the next morning and so I reevaluated and worked on it before breakfast (primarily remixing and reairbrushing the red to match better and adjusting markings where seemed appropriate). Then a few days later I gave it a few more touch ups (added some more grey and darkened some of the black).



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Kelsey Gawron
Jun. 24th, 2013 09:36 pm (UTC)
Hi this is awesome. the eyes wht kind r they? I'm trying to make my own furry head and suit and stuff and the eyes on this is exactly how i'd like mine to be is why i'm asking.
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