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Four Years of Fursuits

Today (April 2011) I completed my 2nd ever horse head. Coincidentally, it was of similar colours, markings, and the same use-your-own-eyes style as my first ever horse head (finished in June 2007).

Unfortunately, I did not have any photos of the 1st head with the mane inserted, but I believe it was complete aside from that.

Some pretty interesting similarities and differences! Amusingly, the first head looks similar in many aspects to work I've seen around from new fursuit makers.. there seems to be some sort of innate learning curve we all go through :D

Japan Charity Auction

From the auction description:

This is the first of many multiple-artist charity auctions we have organized to benefit disaster relief efforts in Japan. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Direct Relief International. Screenshots and/or video of the donation will be made publicly available for all auctions.

Auction Link:



Although I am not involved in this current auction, I DID throw my hat in and will be part of a later release. I am giving away a custom tail! I will let everyone know when that happens or you can just go to here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2221757/ to keep track.

You can also go here: http://ststudios.livejournal.com/22532.html for a full list of contributing artists (there's still time to sign up BTW!)

I know it's fairly common in furry for people to throw 'charity auctions' for nebulous charities, but I have to emphasis the legitimacy of this one. Savage Turtle are good peoples and they will see that the money is sent along to the right people who need it.

12 months of Art

Most recent at the top, oldest at the bottom.

January - Sold my 'beast' partial and made a bodysuit. Rawr!

February - Made many many ears and feet and tails. Had to get outside help to finish them by the deadline. A good lesson on me not to leave things till too late.

March - Fixed up my quadsuit from the slap-dash fix I had done to get it to FC. He is now perfect. And in storage ><

April - Updated the design of my realistic-bottomed fursuit feet. They are heavier than regular feet but leave pawpad tracks in the snow ;p

May - First time doing chest muscle padding. Learned a lot. Number one being, padding adds bulk and duct tape dummies are squishy ;p

June - First time covering a mechanical tail. Took some thought on preventing fur from creasing but Oh yeah I made it look good ;D Won't be my last time!

July - First dragony scutes! that needed to survive being washed. Plus I so have this wefted hair thing down pat ;p

August -
Made my last custom tail. If I let them, they'll take over my life ;D And it was time to move on.

September -
Nothing new but I continued to smooth out my techniques by changing little thing here and there on how I do ears and feet. This suit was likely the first to incorporate them all.

October -
Revamped my own character suit. Now I am truly proud to own and wear her as an example of my work.

November -
I made 2 personal suits with the intent of really exaggerating shape and expression out of my norm to create 2 very specific moods. Also my first (intentionality) static jaws.

December -
Cow! I haven't made a cow in ages and was excited to see how my skills had changed since the last. I am happee ^^
My new mini cards have arrived :D :D

There are 9 different designs. Mostly stuff I randomly grabbed off my computer heh but they turned out quite decent! I also picked up a holder so I can give out cards at conventions.

If you were planning on getting something from Moo, I have a few 15% off codes I can give you. They only work for a first time customer.


Also, for those not following any of my other journals/galleries, I have listed a bunch of fox ears in my store :D Get them before the 13th for Christmas delivery in N.America (assuming the post office doesn't fall behind too much).


Magazine Coverage

Just wanted to post about something exciting in my life recently (No not THAT!).

A short while ago I was asked to be featured in a magazine article. I did all my due diligence and agreed to an interview and sent them photos and all of that good stuff. Today I received my copy in the mail!

The cover:

An example page:

Another example page:

It includes Qarrezel, Fatkraken, and myself ^^ Half of my excitement comes from that as Fatkraken and I are long-distance friends who chat fairly regularly about fursuits and not and Qarrezel is a very talented contemporary who I've never had anything but good dealings with.

Thus great company for (I may be jumping the gun as I've not actually sat down and read it yet) what looks to be a very good, fair article focused on fursuits as art.

I'm not going to scan and upload the whole article as that seems a bit.. uncool. And possibly illegal. But mostly just uncool.

But here's the magazine website for anyone interested in more information: http://www.ornamentmagazine.com/

EDIT: screencap from their website's current issue synopsis

Foxes and Foxes and More Foxes

I like Black Foxes!

I also like Red Foxes!

Plus I like Mutant Foxes!

OMG there are So Many Foxes!



Anthrocon 2010

Made it back from my first AC experience with no major incidences. It's not quite FC, but I had a really good time overall.. with no negative experiences at all actually. I caught the fursuit dance competition, but otherwise just hung out; both in and out of suit. Sometimes both at the same time..

It was great meeting folks I've never had a chance to see in person before, and catching up with those I know from other cons and RL :D As always, it's the people that make the con experience for me

Not much to report on until photos begin to be uploaded (If you know/have any involving me or suits I've made, please link me! I love to see!). I did run into several of my customers in suit and got some great feedback; all of which made me a very happy kitty :D

I suited as much as I could which (as always) was not nearly as much as I wanted to XD Three suits was a bit overkill where none of them got as much exposure as I'd like. I think my limit for the future will have to be two. Plus all the big bags for a little girl makes the customs officials wary and I'm getting tired of going through extra screening rofl.

I can't shout out to everyone or relate every memory (not even just the *public* ones), so I'm just going to give a general THANK YOU to anyone that made this con special for me.

I edited a few good photos on my netbook on the plane ride home (note: netbooks are AWESOME) so I'll upload those to my FA soon as possible. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/beetlecat/ ( Regarding the blackmail-worthy photos, a note detailing further instructions will be forthcoming :D )


Bear Head Refurbishment - Before and After

Eee this was fun!

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