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Beetlecat Originals

Realistic Animal Fursuits

Now the hungry lion roars
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"Nothing is impossible. Not if you can imagine it. That's what being is a scientist is all about!"

"No.. that's what being a magical ELF is all about."

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Pets name: Undertow
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Pets name: Wingprint
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Pets name: Vortex
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Pets name: Bloodswirl
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Pets name: Grinch
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Pets name: Stuffing
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Pets name: Sugarplum
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Pets name: Scratch
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Pets name: Twitch
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I am an artist who recently began making fursuits professionally. I enjoy working in a semi-realistic style and I accept commissions on a limited basis. See my website for details and examples.

Aside from costuming, I enjoy making life-sized animal sculptures from scratch and other sculpture and mixed-media pieces. My goal for each day is to learn (or become better at) a new art related skill. I am always making and designing new fursuit and furry related items.

I have a tattoo on my shoulder and collect animal skulls, claws, antlers, and other bits and bobs. The pride of my collection is an entire fetal bison calf in a jar.

I live very happily with a Manx cat and an Australian Cattle Dog.


Pets name: Sunblot
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Pets name: Starset
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Pets name: Vineeater
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